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Advantages Of Investing In Brazil

Brazil Advantages


* It is the fifth largest country in the world

* It has very nice weather (Over 300 sunny days a year with temperatures between 25 - 30 celsius and a regular sea breeze)

* It has predictable natural phenomena (absence of acts of nature including earthquakes, hurricanes or tsunamis) and is considered a low risk in respect of War and Terrorism

* It is the eighth biggest economy in the world in terms of GDP, and last year seen a GDP of over 5%

* It is seen by the world as a country with great potential just as Russia, India, and China

* The exchange system will not create pressure on industry or inflation.

* It is among the 20 biggest exporters in the world with US$ 142 billion sold in products and services to other countries. (April/2007 data)

* It is a democratic country. It has a stable Political system & the present government has brought huge hope and improvement to Brazil, Inflation is at an all time low

* It is a peaceful and multi-race country which respects the immigrants and their beliefs

* It has a stable currency

* Foreign investment is encouraged, you own 100% of land and property & some areas in the North East of Brazil have seen capital appreciation of over 20% per year

* Cost of living can be as low as 30% of the cost in the UK/Europe

* It has the greatest biodiversity in the planet. The main example of such is the Amazon Rainforest, which spreads over 3.6 million km²

* It is responsible for 60% (three fifths) of South America's industrial products, and it is part of several economic blocks.

* Its scientific and technological development along with its diversified and dynamic industry attracts foreign enterprises

* It has regular trade with more than one hundred countries

* It is a country that develops submarines and aircraft & takes part in aerospace research. It is the fourth biggest commercial aircraft producer in the world.

* It is a pioneer in deep-water oil research & reached self-sufficiency in oil. Exports are now bigger than imports.

* First capitalist economy to have plants of the 10 biggest automakers in the world

* It is a tourism destination for more than 6 million foreigners each year with excellent infra-structure including road, train, air and port networks

* It is one of the world's biggest food & electric power producers

* It is a great producer of consumer goods

* It is a beautiful Country with fantastic scenery and beaches. Brazilian people are always friendly and cheerful. Smiles go a long way. Cities in Brazil are vibrant and exciting with carnivals and music