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Car Rental In Fortaleza

Rental cars in Fortaleza - Cumbuco Rent A Car

Company Profile:

Cumbuco Rent-a-Car, company of a group whose purpose is to provide quality of life, is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction from its services. The company is focused on the business and is always ready to redesign its organization. It is also keen in the search of excellence, knowing that success today does not ensure the same success in the future. It believes that it will only achieve higher distinction among its competitors by implementing continuous improvements and ensuring excellent service quality.

Cumbuco Rent-a-Car's success is mainly due to the clear vision the company has of its clients, and its need to provide them with personalized and distinguished service. The fleet is new and diversified, with vehicles with average age of one year. The company also offers a series of extra services such as the 24-hour Call Center and Reservations Call Center, in addition to specialized service, quality programs, speedy rental operations and return of vehicles, as well as the most important - competitive prices which serve to show that Cumbuco Rent-a-Car is a company dedicated to the client



The low-cost vehicles, otherwise know as popular vehicles, for making up majority of the fleet of vehicles circulating in the national roads, are the more practical and economic vehicles.




Comfort, luxury, safety and performance. These are the major features demanded from executive cars. They are complete vehicles, which means that they come with a higher standard of accessories.




4x4 vehicles are usually sought after by people in search of a little adventure.This is because their drive systems increase traction on low adherence ground.




Cumbuco Rent-a-Car offers the best car-rental prices in Cumbuco.

1 day - R$90,00
4 days - R$80,00
8 days - R$70,00
30 days - R$60,00

Full insurance and unlimited (free) km are included in the above prices.

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Cumbuco Rent-a-Car
Avenida Tabuba Cumbuco
Posto Cumbuco - Loja 2
Caucaia - CE
Phone:(55 85) 3318 7333

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