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Economic and Political Climate

Brazil, a growing economy.

A Positive Property Market

With the world in its current crisis and many countries experiencing massive decreases in property prices, the property market in Brazil presents an amazing potential for future property growth. Many property investors are now looking to the Brazil property as one of the only markets which is not currently in freefall. House prices are still relatively cheap and its a prime candidate in the field of emerging markets. A property giant is about to take its place in this enormous, untapped country just waiting to start the worldwide recovery.

As property and land prices are still undervalued, returns on property investments are considered good and investors are increasingly aware of the high growth potential that Brazil has to offer as it represents a stable and fresh investment market.

Not just the investors and holidaymakers are discovering Brazil. The Brazilian population is steadily gaining wealth and residents of the south are searching for a more exotic location for their holiday homes and retirement plans.Second homers are looking for a place to relax and enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle and are looking at the North East of Brazil. Attracted by the lifestyle, quality property and low cost of living in the North East, a growing community of Southern Brazilian residents, European´s and North American`s are establishing themselves in the Northeast of Brazil.

Strong economic foundation

The economic future of Brazil is looking bright. Economists like Goldman Sachs predict that Brazil will be amongst the economic world leaders of the future, along with China and India.

Stable political climate

The democratic political climate is stable. Lula da Silva, Brazil's Prime Minister is currently in hissecond term of office of 4 years. Thanks to his progressive economic policies, Brazil has fast developed into a sound economy with a fiscal and political environment conducive to growth.

Brazil's signature mix of natural beauty, welcoming people and stunning coastlines have lead to a booming tourist market and international property investors are quickly realizing the huge gains that can be made in this fast growing emerging market.

Growing tourism market in North East

The boom is already taking place in Natal, but the city of Fortaleza is following close behind with massive investment taking place all the way up the coast as far as Jericoacoara.

Practically all big names in the hospitality business such as Hilton, Sheraton, Marriot and Club Med are developing exclusive hotel facilities. The Brazil Tourism and Culture Movement is planning to attract some 12 million visitors by 2011, which will create a high earning potential for the newly entering buy-to-let investors.

Safe buying process

The Brazilian buying process is secure and property can be owned on 100% freehold basis.