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Fortaleza - The capital of Ceara



Fortaleza is the capital of Ceara. Tucked away on the north-east coast of Brazil it is home to some 2 million inhabitants and outside of Brazil, virtually unknown. Some Residents of Rio and Sao Paulo feel Fortaleza is much more exotic and exciting. Fortaleza, with almost three hundred years of history and a complete infrastructure, welcomes tourists. Fortaleza has over three thousand hours of sun per year and a constant ocean breeze. The nightlife has lots of attractions such as bars, restaurants, and live shows. The city is known for having the "liveliest Monday nights in the world." The Praia of Iracema (Iracema's beach), one of the first urban nucleuses of the city, contains most of the city's bars and restaurants. There, the Ponte dos Ingleses (English Pier) and the old docks, are located, here you can watch dolphins and watch the sun set.




The county is 26,36 meters above sea level at 3º43'02"S of latitude e 38º32'35"W of longitude. The county is very leveled with minor elevations.

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Fortaleza has an area of 336 square km. North of the city is the Atlantic Ocean, to the south are the counties of Pacatuba, Eusébio, Maracanaú and Itaitinga. To the East it's the county of Aquiraz and the Atlantic Ocean and to west the county of Caucaia..


Climate and Temperature

Fortaleza has a warm and dry tropical climate with an average annual temperature of 27oC. The relative air humidity is 77%, with an annual precipitation average of 1.378,3 millimeters (mm).  

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Getting to know Fortaleza is to take a ride through its history. The city has modernized but it still keeps landmarks from its past, either in museums, churches, forts, public squares, stations, at the Farol do Mucuripe, theatre and historical buildings. Downtown is full of these memories, such as the Fort of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, built in the same spot that the city was originated, and the Palácio da Luz (Palace of Light), a beautiful construction from end of the eighteenth century classic style, which was the center of the state government



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