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Fortaleza Property

Fortaleza Property For Sale

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Property in the North East of Brazil is currently a great investment and one of the few markets in the world that is currently increasing in value. We deal with properties for sale in the Fortaleza area and along the coast of Ceara as far as Jericoacoara. We have Cunbuco apartments for sale, Fortaleza Condominiums , houses for sale in Paracuru and other real estate along the coast.

Right now, we believe that the North East of Brazil is entering a phase of massive growth in the real estate market and with so many reasons for investment and some of these advantages are listed below. 

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Brazil is hosting the Football World Cup in 2014 and Fortaleza has been confirmed as one of the host cities. Brazil is also hosting the Olympics of 2016 in Rio De Janeiro. The combination of these events should have a positive effect on the already booming Brazil economy.

Fortaleza Property For Rent.

We have various properties for rent in the Fortaleza area. The property rental market in the area surrounding Fortaleza is still in the early development stages but with some fantastic (cheap) rental properties, it is a perfect excuse to plan your next holiday in the area.

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Why Brazil?

Brazil is an exciting and diverse country located in South America. It is the 5th largest country in the world and one of the fastest growing, leading economies. Characterized by large and well-developed agricultural, mining, manufacturing, and service sectors, Brazil's economy outweighs that of all other South American countries and is expanding its presence in world markets.

From 2001-03 Brazil battled a financial havoc and has since come out a winner whilst capital inflows are regaining strength and the currency has resumed its course in the right direction. Since 2004 Brazil's growth has marked a significant increase in employment and real wages.A floating exchange rate, an inflation-targeted regime, and a tight fiscal policy are the three pillars of the conomic program which has proven to be the ticket to Brazil's sustainability.

 Due to its spectacular coastline, phenomenal weather, excellent gastronomy and significantly lower cost of living, tourists are flogging the country to get a taste of paradise and this fact alone is creating a real economic boost in the residential real estate market, especially in the less developed area of the country: the northeast and the Natal region, for its proximity to Europe and the US. Rental yields are soaring from one year to the next whilst the demand for residential housing is expanding at an extraordinary rate. 

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