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Kitesurfing & Windsurfing

Kitesurfing In Brazil (North East Coast)

Kitesurfing in Brazil along the North-East coast is now one of the most popular activities available. The first stop out of Fortaleza is the kitesurfing beach of Cumbuco. A fantastic long beach with golden sands and plenty of space to practice this ever developing sport

For over 6 months of the year, the coast stretching up from Fortaleza and all the way past Jericoacoara is a paradise for Kitesurfers and Winsurfers alike.

The constant wind (tradewind) normally starts around the middle of July and blows every day until past Christmas when in January it starts to weaken and gets less frequent, with the basic rule of thumb being that the closer you get to Jericoacoara the stronger the wind get, making sure you add an extra 10 knotts onto the forecast you receive. But even out of the wind season there are some windy days just normally not so strong or predictable. The beaches all along the coast are mainly deserted and wind around bay after bay of fine golden sands.



All along the coast it is possible to Kitesurf, in fact it is so predictable and safe, many people kite the entire coast from Fortaleza as far as Jericoacoara and just stopping over night in the many little towns you meet as you surf up the coast. Most of the towns are very evenly separated to do this type of a trip and theer are many companies which specialize in organizing such trips and follow you along the sandy beach in a 4 x 4 so to provide the kiters with a safety if anything should possibly happen while on the water.


These trips normally start from Cumbuco and stop off in all the main towns as you go up the coast to experience something of all the different spots. Lunch is normally arranged in some of the barackas that appear along the beach. The cost of an overnight stay in a nice Posada is normally included in the trip and they are a good way to meet similiar kiters and get plenty of time on the water.

Below is a list of some companies who provide such trips:




Windsurfing In Brazil (North East Coast)

As mentioned above, the wind gets stronger the further you go away from Fortaleza and the closer you get to the Winsurfing focal point of Jericocoara. There are some good windsurfing spots on the way up the coast with some great wave sailing at time but most devout windsurfers just head straight to Jeri.

 The windsurfing in Jericoacoara is legendary. Six months of non stop constant strong wind and many places to rent out your equipment, so you do not have to carry that heavy kit around with you. Many top rider base themselves here for many months to train for the various competitions.

 You can launch right off the main beach in town and stroll back for a sunset drink in one of the many bars situated on the beachfront