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The municipality of Paracuru has the richest and most varied ecosystem on the Sun Down Coast. It has 17 km of coastline with beautiful beaches that go from the fishing village at the delta of the São Gonçalo river, to dunes, cliffs, calm bays, reefs with natural pools all the way up to the mangrove swamps of the mouth of the Curu river. All this is framed by coconut palms and an emerald green sea where rich flora and fauna live and reproduce in areas protected by law.

Paracuru was discovered in the second half of the XVI century, was proclaimed a villa in 1868 under the name Alto Alegre do Parazinho and became a municipality in 1951. This name in Tupi means Lizard of the Sea.

Area of municipality: 296.60 Km2.

Population: 30,000 habitants.

Economy: Agro-industry and animal raising with a specialty in buffalos and flowers for export.

Infrastructure: Hospital, market, schools, roads, banks, post office, stores, bus station, swim clubs, clubs, squares, recreation area, stadium, gymnasium, Masonic temple and tourist infrastructure.

The variety of paradisiacal beaches, the sea with warm waters and the exuberant nature are the most important treasures of the town. Water sports are the biggest attraction.

Paracuru is well known nationally and internationally as a paradise for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing due to it’s perfect waves and strong winds. There are also excellent dunes for Sandboarding, where people ski down the dunes on wooden boards. Other sports which have been growing are skateboarding, BMX, sport fishing and off-road.